Origins of the Devereux

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Generation 1

1.  ROLLO THE DANE  (ROGNVALD EYSTEINNSON, EYSTEIN GLUMRA, IVAR OF THE UPLANDS, HALDAN THE OLD, SVEIDE THE VIKING) was born Abt. 864 in Maer, Nord-Trondelag, Norway, and died Abt. 925 in Notre Dame, Rouen, France.  He married (1) POPPA DE VALOIS in 886, daughter of PEPIN DE SENLIS DE VALOIS.    He married (2) GISELA in 912, daughter of CHARLES THE SIMPLE, King of France. 


Also known as The Walker, and probably the same person as Hrolf the Ganger (famed in Norse Saga for his huge size), Robert Ragnvaldsson of Norway, and Rolf Wend-a-Foot.  He was the 1st Duke of Normandy between 912 - 917.


Children of ROLLO DANE and POPPA DE VALOIS are:

2.                i.       WILLIAM LONGSWORD, b. Abt. 900; d. December 17, 942.

3.               ii.       CRISPINA, b. Abt. 920.

Generation 2

2.  WILLIAM LONGSWORD was born Abt. 900, and died December 17, 942.  He married ESPRIOTA DE BRETAGNE.  She was born Abt. 905. He was the 2nd Duke of Normandy between 925 - 942.     

                  Child of WILLIAM LONGSWORD and ESPRIOTA DE BRETAGNE is:

4.                i.       RICHARD I THE FEARLESS, b. 933, Fecamp, France; d. November 20, 996, Fecamp, France.


3.  CRISPINA was born Abt. 920.  She married GRIMALDUS DE MONACO.     

                  Child of CRISPINA and GRIMALDUS DE MONACO is:

5.                i.       CRISPINUS DE BEC, b. Abt. 948.


Generation 3


4.  RICHARD I was born 28 Aug. 933.  Died 20 Nov. 996. He married Emma of France. He married second to Gunnor. He was 3rd Duke of Normandy.

                  Children of Richard I and Gunnor

  6                i   Richard II, b. 986

  7               ii   Robert, Count of Evreux, b. 989

                  iii   Mauger, Earl of Corbeil

                  iv   Robert Danus

 8                 v  Emma

 9                vi   Hawise

11               vii  Matilda


Generation 4

6.  RICHARD II, "THE GOOD"  was born Abt. 976, and died August 23, 1026.  He married (1) PAPIA.  He married (2) JUDITH OF BRITTANY in 1005. He was the 4th Duke of Normandy between 996-1026.       

                  Children of RICHARD II THE GOOD and PAPIA are:                  

                  i.       WILLIAM, b. Abt. 1010.  Count of Arques between 1037-1055.

                  ii.       MAUGER, b. Abt. 1012.  Became Archbishop of Rouen in 1037.

                 iii.       PAPIA, b. Abt. 1014; m. Gilbert de St. Valeri.  

                  Children of RICHARD II THE GOOD and JUDITH BRITTANY are:                               

                   iv.       RICHARD III, b. Abt. 1004; d. August 06, 1027; He married Adela, and was the 5th Duke of Normandy from 1026-1028. Died of poisoning. 

                  v.       ROBERT THE MAGNIFICENT, b. Abt. 1006; d. June 22, 1035, Nice, Bithynia; He married (1) HERLEVE. He was the 6th Duke of Normandy between 1028-1035.                                  

                   vi.       ALICE, b. Aft. 1008; m. RENAUD, Count of Burgundy                                                                   

                  vii.       ELEANOR, b. Aft. 1008; m. BALDWIN IV of Flanders;   

                  viii.       ADELE, b. Aft. 1009. 


7.  ROBERT D'EVEREUX was born Abt. 978 in Evreux, Normandy, and died 1037.  He married HERLEVE.   He was the 1st Comte D'Evreux, and Archbishop of Rouen.       

                  Children of ROBERT D'EVEREUX and HERLEVE are:

i.                RICHARD D'EVEREUX, b. Abt. 1003; d. December 13, 1067; m. (2) ADELA, Aft. 1038; b. Abt. 1009.  He was the 2nd Comte d'Evereux.                                  

ii.              RALPH D'EVEREUX, b. Abt. 1006; d. Abt. 1045; m. BASILIA FLAITEL.  He was the Sire de Gace, and is believed to have fought at Hastings.

                 iii.       WILLIAM D'EVEREUX, b. Abt. 1020; d. Abt. 1110; m. (1) HAWISE DE GIROIE; b. Abt. 1000


8.  EMMA OF NORMANDY was born Abt. 983, and died 1052.  She married (1) ETHELRED.  He was born Abt. 960, and died 1016.  She married (2) CANUTE.  


9.  HAWISE was born Abt. 986.  She married GEOFFREY DE RENNES. 


10.  GODFREY DE BRIONNE was born Abt. 985, and died Abt. 1015.


 11.  MATILDA was born Abt. 989.  She married ODO II (EUDES) OF BLOIS in 1003.   


12.  WILLIAM DE HIESMES was born Abt. 993, and died Abt. 1040.  He married LECELINE DE TURQUEVILLE.


13.  ROBERT DE MORTAIN as born Abt. 995.