Devereux of Chanston and Eastleach

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1. Nicholas Devereux of Chanston (Herefordshire), and Steward of Meath (Ireland), ~1196 to ~1240 (son of Walter Devereux and Cecilia de Longchamp))

Children: Nicholas II Devereux (see below), Thomas Devereux, Master Hugh Devereux, and Master Robert Devereux.


2. Nicholas II Devereux of Chanston (Herefordshire), ~1220 to ~1265 (son of Nicholas)

Married a woman named Isabel.

Children: Hugh Devereux of Chanston (see below), Isabel Devereux

Married a woman named Joan.

Children: Robert Devereux, John Devereux (Lord of Munsley).

Robert Devereux would inherit Eastleach, but died without heir and these lands passed to his brother, John.

Eastleach passed eventually to John Devereux, Lord of Munsley, and he had a son, John Devereux the Younger. This son died without heir.


3. Hugh Devereux of Chanstone, ~1245 to ~1307 (son of Nicholas II)

Children: Nicholas III Devereux of Chanston (see below), John Devereux, and Parson Hugh Devereux


4. Nicholas III Devereux of Chanston, ~1270 to after 1309 (son of Hugh)

Children: Nicholas IV Devereux (see below), Walter Devereux, and John Devereux (illegitimate). 

Walter Devereux married a woman, Margaret, and had children:Hugh Devereux, and Nicholas Devereux of Tasley.


5. Nicholas IV Devereux of Chanston, ~1296 to after 1346

Children: Hugh Devereux of Chanston (see below)


6. Hugh Devereux of Chanston, ~1321 to after 1350

Children: Nicholas V Devereux of Chanston (see below), and John Devereux.


7. Nicholas V Devereux of Chanstone, ~1350 to ?

Married a woman named Agnes.