Devereux Treasurers of Normandy

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1. Gilbert Devereux, ~1075 to before 1128

Gilbert Devereux was probably a son of William Devereux, and grandson of the Archbishop of Rouen. The history of the foundation of Sainte-Barbe (circa 1120) indicated he was born of a clerical and military family. Gilbert was a precentor of the church at Rouen. He rose to serve Henry I as chaplain and treasurer, and as such was part of the early form of the Exchequer in Normandy. Through this position he held lands in Lieuvin and pays d’Auge. These lands passed with the position of Treasurer to his sons.

He married an unknown woman and had at least five sons: William, Robert, unknown son, unknown son, and probably Richard Devereux.

Gilbert Devereux died before 1128 and was buried at Saint Barbara. After his death one of his sons donated land in Baiocassino to the Priory of Saint Barbara for his soul.


2a. William Devereux, ~1100

William became Treasurer of Normandy on the death of his father in the mid-1120’s. He held the position until he retired from the worldly vices of court, and took the religious habit in a hermitage in the forests near Breteuil (in the Eure). In 1128 the Canons of the convent of Eu were called by Rabel, who had married Agnes, sister of Maurice and Robert Stigand. Rabel gave all the lands he had on the right bank of the Dive. It was then that St. Barbara became a Priory. William, having joined two religious orders, was placed at the head of these canons at Sainte-Barbe in 1128. He was favored by John, Bishop of Lisieux (1107 to 1141); and Arnoul, Bishop of Lisieux (1141 to 1181).

Devereux refused the title of abbot, and having satisfied the title and functions of Prior, gave all his attention to this property. This priory was soon to become very rich, thanks to considerable donations he received in France and England. William collected the fees of St. Stephen's Church Mesnil-Mauger in pays d’Auge; established canons, like those of St. Barbara, both in Rouen at Coutances in England; and made three trips to Rome receiving the Popes benevolence towards his house. This Prior enjoyed such consideration that Arnoul, Bishop of Lisieux, on preparing to go to Jerusalem in 1147, entrusted him with the care of his diocese. This bishop, Arnoul, provided the funeral oration of William.

During his time at Saint Barbara and before 1133, Devereux lands in Lieuvin and the pays d’Auge were granted to the priory, for the soul of his father, Gilbert. These grants were confirmed by King Stephen in 1137. Two of his brothers would follow him to Sainte-Barbe.


2b. Robert Devereux, ~1102 to ?

Treasurer of Normandy in 1128 when his brother became Prior of Saint Barbara in pays d’Auge. Was still Treasurer when Henry I died, and served during the reign of Stephen.


2c. ? Devereux, ~1104 to ?

Treasurer of Normandy


2d. ? Devereux, ~1106 to ?

Treasurer of Normandy about 1137.


2e. Richard Devereaux, 1108 to 1141

Treasurer of Normandy. Canon of Rouen cathedral. He appears under 15 January 1141 in the obituary of Rouen cathedral.


3. Master Thomas Devereux, ? to after 1165

Thomas Devereux was a Canon of Rouen in 1165 and later. He was probable the son of one of the brothers identified above.