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"A Genealogy of Arthur Forrester Devereux" by Alvaretta Devereux Reed and DeWitt Clinton Reed

A Genealogy of the Family of the Line of Jonathan Devereaux born in Wethersfield, Connecticut, November 7, 1716 with some additions.  Cyril Allyn Herrick and charles F. Haight.  Edited and published by Charles F. Haight.  Lansing, Michigan.  July 1929

A History of the Castles of Herefordshire and their Lords by Reverend Charles J. Robinson.  Published by Logaston Press, Little Logaston, Woonton, Almeley, Herefordshire.  2002

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The Conqueror and his Companions by J.R. Planche, Somerset Herald.  Published by the Tinsley Brothers, 1874.

Library of Virginia:  It has an excellent collection of on-line early American records.

National Archives of England, On-line.  There is an extensive collection of early Devereux deeds, law documents, fine rolls, etc. that are available on-line.  These have been drawn from to clarify the early Devereux pedigree and at times correct the published Peerages.

The Polarisation of Elizabethan Politics: The Political Career of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, 1585-1597.  Paul E.J. Hammer.  Cambridge University Press.  1999

Various Burke's, T.C. Banks, and Collins Active and Extinct Peerages, Baronetages, etc.

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