Robert, Count of Evreux, Archbishop of Rouen

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House of Normandy

Rollo, 1st Duke of Normandy

William I Longsword, 2nd Duke of Normandy

Richard I of Normandy, 3rd Duke of Normandy

Robert II, Archbishop of Rouen

William d'Evreux


Devereux of England

William Devereux (died after 1110)

Walter Devereux of Lyonshall (~1077-~1130)

Walter Devereux (~1105 to after 1166)

John Devereux (~1137-1187)

Walter Devereux (1173 to ~1197), he had 3 sons: Stephen, John, and Nicholas


Marcher Lords             Lords of Bodenham & Decies   Lords of Chanstone

Stephen Devereux (~1191-1228)  John Devereux (~1193-~1244)          Nicholas Devereux (~1196-~1240)

William Devereux (1219-1265)      Walter Devereux (~1221-1292)         Nicholas II Devereux (~1220-~1265)

William Devereux (~1244-1314)    Walter Devereux (1257-~1304)         Hugh Devereux (~1245-~1307)

See Devereux of                                                                        Nicholas III Devereux (~1270-~1309)

    Lyonshall/Bodenham,                                                             Nicholas IV Devereux (~1296-~1346)

     Frome, and                                                                                           Hugh Devereux (~1321-~1354)

    Whitechurch Maund                                                               Nicholas V Devereux (~1350-?)