Devereux Family of Connecticut Genealogy

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     He was born about 1668 in England, and died Bet. 1717 - 1726 in England. He married Sarah Smith, daughter of John Smith. Early DNA evidence suggests a Norman-English origin for this family line.

    Jonathan "Came to this country and returned again to his native land, leaving his only son who was the father of Theodore, Jonathan, John, Elisha, Joseph, William, Sarah, Asenat and Polly." (Also Hannah or Johannah) This statement is in the writing of Horace T. Devereaux (Alvin, Theodore, Jonathan, Jonathan). "My father (Alvin) used to tell me that there was a tradition in the family that Jonathan Devereaux came from England in 1700 and eventually went back to England and died there. I give this to you for what it is worth.” Taken from a letter of Walter Bourchier Devereaux, May 31, 1917. Further statements by Alvin indicate Jonathan to be the youngest son of the Earl of Essex. He had a keen interest in Genealogy, and sought information out from other relatives. Horace Kimball Devereaux remembers John Devereaux as landing in New London Connecticut about 1700. Other researchers suggest that he was either a sailor or merchant of the West Indies, with only temporary Connecticut interests. He had one son: Jonathan.




    He was born November 07, 1716 in Wethersfield, Hartford, Connecticut, and died Aft. 1767 in Goshen, Litchfield County, Connecticut. He married (1) ? Seymour Bef. 1750. He went to Goshen, Conn. between 1741-1756.

    Conn. Early Court Probate Records, Volume II, page 7 show the following entry for March 2, 1726-7 (page 167). Deverieux, Jonathan. This court appointed Sarah Smith of Hartford to be guardian to her son, Jonathan Deverieux, ten years of age, and said Mary (Sic) Smith recognized forty pounds.

   Will of Captain John Camp of Wethersfield, dated April 18, 1741, mentions wife Rebekah, son, John, Dan, and Mary. Witness John Gillett, Jonathan Devereaux, (Sic.) Issac Hindsdell.

    In 1739 the Militia of Connecticut was organized into thirteen regiments. Wethersfield was included in the sixth. A draft of one-half of the Newington muster roll was made July 2, 1741, at one hours warning of six officers and twenty-three privates. Among the names listed was Jonathan Devereaux as one of the privates). They were sent in the expedition against the Spanish West Indies. No record remains of the military service of these men in that expedition. Hist. Wethersfield (Vol. I) . A muster roll of Captain Joseph Canfield's Company and Col. D. Wooster's Regiment etc. about 1758. Private Jonathan Deverex enlisted April 10th, and was discharged Sept. 2. A muster roll of Captain Tarball Whitney's Company in the third Regiment of Connecticut forces commanded by Colonel David Wooster, May, 1759. Jonathan Deverich enlisted April 10th. Place of abode was Goshen. Collection Connecticut History Section X, 1905. Children of Jonathan Devereux and ? Seymour are:

     i. SARAH DEVEREAUX, b. Bef. 1750, Conn; d. Oneida County, NY; m. Reuben Rowley, probably in Berkshires, Mass..



    iv. POLLY DEVEREAUX, b. Aft. 1750, Connecticut; d. Ohio; m. Theron Andrus.










    He was born Abt. 1750 in Goshen, Litchfield, Conn, and died Abt. 1803 in North Nassau, Rensselaer, NY. He married Lydia Williams Abt. 1775. She was born 1751, and died Aft. 1830 in North Nassau, Albany (Rensselaer) County, NY. Roberts New York in Revolution (Page 105), says Jonathan Deverix (Devereaux) was a soldier in the Revolutionary War. He was a member of Captain Townsend's company and Colonel Kilian Van Rensselaer's Regiment, New York State Militia.

    Extracts from Harrick's Book:

He settled in Albany County, N. Y. in what is now North Nassau, leasing from Stephen Van Rensselaer a considerable property some of which remains in the family to this day. He got this property under the leasing system which resulted in the famous. Anti-rent wars in which his children were implicated, some on one side, some on the other. I have examined a mass of deeds and other papers of Jonathan third, and his sons, which amply evidence that they were a land-owning, land-loving people. This Jonathan had at least ten children of whom he mentions all but Hosea in his will. Hosea had probably received his portion of the estate before the making of that document. The quaint will, signed. September 29, 1802, shortly before Jonathan's death, leaves to the wife Lydia, among other things, "my lame mare, with a good new saddle and bridle". One wonders if she would have preferred a sound mare with an old saddle. The year before he died, Jonathan purchased land in Oswego County, N. Y., for his sons Erastus and John, who soon removed thither as did their sister Lydia, wife of John Clemons. The other children remained for some years longer in Nassau. Gradually Stephen and Hosea bought out the shares of their brothers and sister. There is an old survey map still in existence showing the property in this period before 1820. One half is marked off to Stephen and one half to Hosea. Finally Stephen too sold to Hosea who then remained in sole possession. After giving a list of his children, Mrs. E. E. Jones writes: "The first three (Epaphroditus, Stephen and Seymour, she means in that list) named, went to Michigan (a mistake as to Epaphroditus) I think to Grand Rapids or vicinity. Father thought these cousins were connected in the vicinity with waters, but he could not remember how. He visited them in 1860 and he gave me these facts (Name of children of Jonathan3) near the close of his life which I wrote down as he told me. (Stephen Devereux settled near Wall lake, Oakland County and not Grand Rapids, later moving to Shiawassee County where he died in June 1869).

Children of Jonathan Devereux and Lydia Williams are:

11. i. ERASTUS DEVEREAUX, b. October 21, 1776, Conn; d. October 09, 1847, Williamstown, Oswego County, NY.

       ii. NATHAN DEVEREAUX, b. Abt. 1778; d. Aft. 1809, North Nassau, Albany (Rensselaer) County, NY.

12.  iii. LYDIA DEVEREAUX, b. March 25, 1782; d. February 09, 1864

13.  iv. JOHN DEVEREAUX, b. Dec 11, 1784, NY; d. Jan 02, 1854, Devereaux Corners, West Springfield, Erie County, Penn.

14.  v. HOSEA DEVEREAUX, b. July 05, 1787, Rensselaer County, NY; d. Oct 15, 1871, North Nassau, Rensselaer County, NY.

15.  vi. ELIJAH DEVEREAUX, b. Aug 09, 1788, Rensselaer County, NY; d. October 13, 1868, Williamstown, Oswego County

16.  vii. EPAPHRODITUS DEVEREAUX, b. Nov 16, 1790, Nassau, Rensselaer County, NY; d. Aug 19, 1872, North Nassau, Rensselaer County, NY.

17.  viii. STEPHEN DEVEREAUX, b. October 24, 1792, North Nassau, Rensselaer County, NY; d. June 21, 1869, North Newberg, Shiawassee County, Michigan.

18.  ix. SEYMOUR DEVEREAUX, b. April 16, 1794, Stephentown, Rensselaer, NY; d. July 06, 1839, Commerce, Oakland County, Michigan.



    She was born Aft. 1750 in Connecticut. She married Philo Hooper in 1788. He was born in West Stockbridge, Mass. She was buried in Harpersfield, Franklin County, NY. Children of Hannah Devereux and Philo Hooper are:

    i. NANCY HOOPER, b. 1788; d. May 13, 1804.

    ii. ABIGAIL SUSAN HOOPER, b. 1802; d. June 19, 1830.

    iii. KATE HOOPER, b. Abt. 1792.

    iv. ERASTUS HOOPER, b. Abt. 1792.

    v. CALVIN HOOPER, b. Abt. 1792.



     He was born 1754 in Near Goshen, Litchfield, Conn, and died February 07, 1827 in Sugar Grove, Warren County, Penn or Busti, Chautauqua County, NY. He married Jemima Chamberlain Bet. 1778 - 1779 in Varone, Oneida County, NY. She was born May 25, 1757, and died Bet. January 1827-28 in Sugar Grove, Warren County, Penn or Busti, Chautauqua County, NY. The secretary of the Devereaux Association of Jamestown writes, July, 1917, copying from the Association's record in her possession: Elisha Devereaux - we know nothing of his birth- lived for a time in Varone, Oneida County, New York. Married Jemima Chamberlain. They had a brick house nearly completed when it took fire and burned to the ground. Removed to Chautauqua County. Made a contract for seven hundred acres of land, one hundred acres in sugar grove, Warren County, Pennsylvania, and six hundred acres in Busti, Chatauqua county, N. Y. He chose for his homestead that part which has been known as the Edmond Devereaux or Simmons farm. There he felled trees and built a house of logs. In 1813 he went back to move his family to their new home. With himself and family and what household goods they could load upon two sleds, drawn by two pairs of oxen, they started. Upon one of the sleds were two large potash kettles upside down, under these kettles was a small chest or box which contained his money. The first place they stopped of any note was Buffalo, in ashes on account of the war. Silver Creek was thronged with soldiers. When the children were men and women he gave each of them their inheritance; one hundred acres to each son, with the exception of the eldest son, Ezra, who went down the river soon after he came here, and never was heard from, and the youngest son, Edmond, whose share was sixty-five acres on account of being the old homestead. To each daughter he gave fifty acres.

     Heads of Families-New York, 1790 lists Elisha Deverix in Albany County with 2 sons under age 16, and 2 free white females in addition to his wife. Could indicate the birth-dates of his daughters are inaccurate or other individuals living with the family.

    From Early History of Chautauqua County, NY. Busti: The first road from PA to Lake Chautauqua at what afterwards was called "MILES LANDING" was opened at a very early date. One of the party who performed the labor was Robert MILES, who certified to the following description : The road commenced at my fathers in the present town of Sugar Grove, near where Frederick MILES lives now, and passed just a little east of where the senior DEVEREAUX first settled in Busti, and over the hills, and near where Josiah PALMITER lives, and also near where Samuel GRIFFITH settled; and crossed the present Jamestown, Mayville Road, on the west side of t he lake, a little west of where Sheriff Judson SOUTHLAND now lives, and came to the mouth o f the little creek on the lake shore at Uriah BENTLEY'S. The road was used for many years by the people of PA to go to Lake Chautauqua, and for the first settlers on the lake to go to PA for provisions, etc. Busti, named for Paul Busti, general agent of the Holland Land Company. Formed from Ellicott and Harmony, April 16, 1823. Comprises the west half of township 1, range 11. Excepting the four north lots which were annexed to Ellicott in 1845, and six tiers of lots from tp. 1 , range 12. Original Purchases in Township 1, range 12.  1814 May.........Elisha Devereaux, lot 1.

       5/11/1819 Elisha paid 1326.47 for Busti land comprising 448 acres.10/5/1824 Elisha and Jemima to Enoch for 300 dollars for 58 acres. 3/11/1826 Elisha and Jemima to Edmond sold for 100 dollars 55 acres in lot 1.3/20/1826 Elisha sold sawmill in Busti, lot 1, range 12 to Edmond (1/2 share), Elisha (1/4 share) and Stephen Abbot (1/4 share) for 300. 11/15/1826 Indenture between Elisha and Jemima, and Elijah, Elisha Jr., Enoch, and Edmond. Children gave 700 dollars for land.1/10/1827 Elisha and Huldah, Edmond and Anne, Enoch and Abigail, Elijah and Abigail received 1000 from Elisha for land, 123 acres in lot 1.1/16/1827 between Elisha/Jemima and Enoch/Abigail. Enoch paid 500 dollars for land in Lot 1. He paid an additional 300 dollars for same land described in 1824. Lydia Abbot was given Letter of Administration to his estate as he died inestate. This was done in 1828.

   Children of Elisha Devereux and Jemima Chamberlain are:

       i. EZRA DEVEREAUX, b. November 1779, Probably Conn.; d. Aft. 1816. Excerpts from Genealogy of Jonathan Devereaux: When the children were men and women he Elisha (Jonathan, Jonathan) gave each of them their inheritance; one hundred acres to each son, with the exception of the eldest son, Ezra, who went down the river soon after he came here, and never was heard from, and the youngest son, Edmond, whose share was sixty-five acres on account of being the old homestead. To each daughter he gave fifty acres.

19.   ii. ABYAR DEVEREAUX, b. April 04, 1782; d. Aft. 1826, Ohio River.

        iii. ELIJAH DEVEREAUX, b. July 24, 1784; d. 1784.

20.  iv. ELIJAH DEVEREAUX, b. March 06, 1787, ? Goshen, Conn.; d. Aft. 1839.

21.   v. LYDIA DEVEREAUX, b. January 06, 1790, Rensselaer County, NY; d. 1873, Illinois.

22.   vi. RACHEL DEVEREAUX, b. July 24, 1792, Rensselaer County, NY.

23.  vii. ELISHA II DEVEREAUX, b. Jan 18, 1795, Rensselaer County, NY; d. Nov 10, 1856, Sugar Grove, Penn.

24.  viii. ENOCH DEVEREAUX, b. Jan 18, 1798, Rensselaer County, NY; d. Aft. 1850, Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio.

25.  ix. EDMOND DEVEREAUX, b. Dec 14, 1800, Oneida County, NY; d. Aft. Oct 1857, Union City, Erie, Penn.