Devereux of Lyonshall and Bodenham (Hereford)

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9. Baron William Devereux of Lyonshall, ~1247 to 1314 (son of William)

Married 1st to Alice de Grandison. Children: Walter Devereux of Bodenham (see below).

Married 2nd to Lucy Burnell. Children: John Devereux of Frome (Hereford) and Lower Hayton (Salop), and Stephen Devereux of Frome Haymond


10. Walter Devereux of Bodenham, ~1268 to 1305 (son of William)

Married Margery de Braose. Children: Stephen Devereux of Burghope and Bodenham (see below), and John Devereux of Manne (father of Baron John Devereux of Whitchurch Maund).


10. Stephen Devereux of Bodenham and Burghope, ~1290 to 1350 (son of Walter)

Children: Walter Devereux (fought at the Battle of Crecy), and William Devereux (see below)


11. William Devereux of Bodenham, ~1308 to 1376/7 (son of Stephen)

Children:Walter Devereux (see below)


12. Walter Devereux of Bodenham, ~1331 to ~1383 (son of William).

Children: Walter Devereux (see below), and Ann Devereux (married Rhosser Vaughan). 


13. Walter Devereux of Bodenham and Weobley, ~1361 to 1402 (son of William)

Children: Walter Devereux (see below), Richard Devereux, John Devereux, Thomas Devereux, Margaret Devereux, and Elizabeth Devereux (married John Milbourne). 


14. Walter Devereux of Bodenham, 1387 to 1420 (son of Walter)

Children: Walter Devereux (see below)


15. Walter Devereux of Bodenham and Weobley, 1411 to 1459 (son of Walter).

Children: Walter (see below), Anne (married William Herbert, 1st Earl of Pembroke), Isabella Devereux, and John (Devereux of Weobley)


16. Walter Devereux 7th Baron Ferrers of Chartly, ~1431 to 1485 (son of Walter).  

Married 1st Anne de Ferrers. Children: John Devereux (see below), Elizabeth Devereux (married Sir Richard Corbet), Anne Devereux, Isabel "Sibyl" Devereux (married Sir James Baskerville), Richard Devereux, and Thomas Devereux.

Married 2nd to a woman named Jane.


17. John Devereux 8th Baron Ferrers of Chartley, 1463 to 1501 (son of Walter).

8th Baron Ferrers.

Children Walter Devereux (see below), and Ann Devereux (married Henry Clifford) 


18. Walter Devereux 1st Viscount Hereford, 1488 to 1558 (son of John).

Married 1st Mary Grey. Children: Richard Devereux (see below), William Devereux of Mirevale Abbey, and Henry Devereux of Yardley.

Married 2nd Margaret Garneys. Children: Edward Devereux 1st Baronet of Castle Bromwich (gave rise to current Viscounts of Hereford), and Katherine Devereux (married Sir James Baskerville).


19. Sir Richard Devereux, 1516 to 1548. (son of Walter).

Children: Walter Devereux 1st Earl of Essex, Elizabeth Devereux (married John Vernon), George Devereux, and Ann Devereux.