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Devereaux Family of Connecticut

     One individual has been tested and a haplotype of R-M512 has been identified.  Some studies indicate this may represent Scandinavian ancestry, and would support a Norman origin for this branch of the family and a link to the historical ancestor, Robert, Archbishop of Rouen.  Some early members of this family indicated descent from the Devereux Earls of Essex.

Devereaux Family of Wexford County, Ireland

Four individuals have been tested.  All are Haplotype E, Two are E-L117,

and the other two are E-L542, and E-M78. 

There is another individual with Irish ancestry demonstrating the Haplotype R-M269.

This is a closer match to the Devericks family of Virginia.

Devericks Family of Shaws Fork, Highland County, Virginia and Eastern Shore, Maryland

Two independent lines of descent tested with a match confirming common ancestry of the Virginia Devericks back to 1735 with a Haplotype R-M269, with subtesting to R-SRY2627. Autosomal testing supports Norman ancestry with origin in England, and is consistent with the expected results for a member of the Devereux family with origins in the House of Normandy.  

Research shows evidence that this Virginia line is a branch of the Devericks family of Eastern Shore, Virginia and Maryland whose immigrant ancestor, John Devorax, came to Northampton, Virginia as an indentured servant in 1654. A descendant, Joseph Devericks, is believed to have left Maryland for Virginia around 1740.

This year of arrival suggests departure from Bristol and origin in South Wales. The line also were early supporters of the Congegational Church and Presbyterian faith consistent with their origin in the area where William Wroth first established his church in the early 1600's.

Of additional interest is this family's DNA pattern is shared with individuals bearing the surname of Hodge and Parrish, which also both possess origins in the British Isles.

One Devereux linw with Irish ancestrey also demonstrates the R-M269 Haplotype.

Devereux Family of Massachusetts

No test results available

Devereux Family of England

On 29 February 2016 the French government allowed the exhumation of 2 Dukes of Normandy, and DNA was submitted for testing. This will establish the ancestral DNA pattern for the Devereux family which claims its origin from the Norman Dukes.