Devericks of Eastern Shore Virginia/Maryland Continued

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Generation 3: James Devericks (son of John Devericks Junior)

      James Devericks was born about 1723 in Queen Annes County, Maryland.
      He married a woman named Easter, and had 8 children: Valentine (born 1741),  Marimy (born 1744), Rachel (born ~1746), Margaret (born ~1748), Rebecca (born ~1750), William (born ~1752), Hester (born 1754), Thomas (born ~1756).
      His Estate inventory was entered in Queen Ann’s County, Maryland in 1762.  His balance of final distribution was entered on May 2, 1768.

Children of James Devericks

1.  Valentine Devericks
      He was born August 18, 1741 in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland and christened in Saint Lukes at Church Hill.
      He patented land in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland on November 22, 1773.  Patent Certificate #272 described as ‘Deverix’s Discovery’ comprising 61 ½ acres, and patent certificate #273 described as “Devereux Purchase“ comprising 137 ½ acres in Queen Anne‘s County.
      He served as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 5th Battalion of the Queen Anne’s County, Militia.

2.   Marimy Devericks
      She was born April 13, 1744, and christened at Saint Lukes at Church Hill.  She married first Joseph Broadway (aka Broadaway) on July 25, 1759 in Queen Anne’s County, and upon his death, she married a second time on May 2, 1768 to Richard Bishop in Queen Anne’s County, Maryland.  Richard Bishop was listed on the Tax Census of 1783 in Queen Anne’s County for Goulds Purchase (6 acres) and Addition in the Corsica District (1/4/5/51).

3.   Rachel Devericks
      She was born about 1746.

4.   Margaret Devericks
      She was born about1748.

5.   Rebecca Devericks
      She was born about 1750.

6.   William H. Devericks
      He was born about 1752.
      A William Devericks married an Elizabeth Forkon on December 29, 1787 in Dorchester County, Maryland.
      He died prior to 1801, and was survived by his wife, Elizabeth, who was still alive in 1812.

7.   Hester Devericks
      She was born about 1754.

8.   Thomas Devericks
      He was born about 1756.
      He served in Captain John Dean’s Company of the Queen Anne’s County Militia in July 1776.
      He was listed on the Queen Anne’s County Tax Assessment in 1783 for Corsica District, p. 48. MSA S1161-8-9. 1/4/5/51.