Devericks of Eastern Shore Virginia/Maryland Continued

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Generation 2: Thomas Devericks Senior (son of John Devericks, the Immigrant Ancestor)

      Thomas Devericks was born probably around 1678 in Somerset County, Maryland.  Court records in nearby Kent County, Maryland from March of 1702/3 indicate he was the father of an illegitimate child born on May 20, 1702 to Anne Wright, who was an indentured servant of John Johnson.  Anne was sentence to serve an additional 6 months of indenture to John Johnson, and to receive 15 lashes.  The case was discussed again in Court on Wednesday the 28th of June in 1704.
      Records suggest that Thomas eventually had at least 4 children (probably with Ann): Thomas Junior (probably the illegitimate child), Nicholas, Joseph, and Anne.  His date of death is unknown.

Generation 3:  Thomas Devericks Junior

      Thomas Devericks Junior was probably the illegitimate child born on May 20, 1702 in Kent County, Maryland.  He married an unknown woman and had children: Thomas III, James (see separate page this site), Hannah, and Valentine. He was listed on the 4th Tuesday of November, 1729 Levy Court of Queen Anne’s County, Maryland among those receiving a squirrel head bounty.

 Generation 3:  Joseph Devericks

Joseph Devericks was probably born about 1711 in Queen Annes County, Maryland.  He married a woman named Ann about 1730.  They are believed to have had at least two sons: Thomas (about 1735), and Joseph Junior (~1740).  This family is thought to have immigrated to northern Virginia and gave rise to the Devericks' of Shaws fork in Highland County. There is record of a Joseph Devericks serving in the 3rd Virginia Regiment of the Continental Army.  His enlistment was for the war, and it is thought he was among those captured at the British victory during the Siege of Charleston, South Carolina. Many of his regiment died here, and it is suspected that he was among them.

 Generation 4:  Thomas Devericks III

      Thomas was born about 1720, and married a woman named Susannah about 1740.  They had 3 children: Mary (1741), Sarah (about 1743), and Hannah (about 1745).   Thomas served in the militia in 1748 under the name of Thomas Devericks Junior. He died intestate around 1765 in Queen Anne‘s County, Maryland, and his accounts identify disbursements to his daughters: Mary, Sarah, and Hannah.  The accounts were entered by his wife, Susannah. His daughter, Mary, married William Jackson, and his daughter, Hannah, married Lambert Jackson. Both marriages occurred prior to 1769, and both husbands were listed on the 1783 Tax Census for Queen annes County.